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There are many excellent how to draw and art tutorials on this very site. With so much varying quality on YouTube, though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Founded inProko, the YouTube art channel of fine art painter Stan Prokopenkois on a mission to teach you the basics of drawing and anatomy.

A teacher at the Watts Atelier of the Arts, California, Prokopenko clearly knows his subject inside out, and his short videos are detailed, comprehensive and full of useful tips and information. Draw with Jazza is the YouTube channel of Josiah Brooksan Australian artist who has a clear passion for teaching people how to draw, animate and paint, using both analogue and traditional media. With a strong focus on cartoon and animation styles, this channel is updated weekly, with new content including tutorials, speed paintings, streams, art challenges and competitions.

If you watch a lot of Disney videos with your kids, the name Aaron Blaise may seem familiar. As well as writing books and offering paid-for courses, the animator, director, illustrator and fine artist uses his YouTube channel to share his art, techniques and tips. Videos include walkthroughs on everything from how to draw wolves to plein air painting with goauche, along with time-lapse paintings, live-streamed chats with fellow artists, and traditional animation tutorials.

Alongside instructional art lessons, there are also some great time-lapse, speed painting and process videos in the mix too, and the tone is consistently encouraging and thoughtful; providing great motivation for young and beginner artists everywhere. His YouTube channel features how-to-draw videos on a wide range of topics, mainly around manga and anime styles. His channel also features a ton of inspiring time-lapse videos, speed challenges and tips on things like different ways to begin a story.

Bayley Jae is a young Canadian illustrator who worked in the animation industry for a while after graduating before going freelance. Her art is mainly traditional, with some digital, and she shares her process with enthusiasm and passion on her YouTube channel, which features speedpainting, product reviews, tutorials, and more.

Canadian artist Bobby Chiu works in concept and character design and has won a number of awards for his creative work, including an Emmy. He also teaches digital painting online at Schoolism. Emmy Kalia is a self-taught pencil artist from the Netherlands with some serious talent at creating photorealistic images using graphite. Her YouTube channel contains a mixture of tutorials and time-lapse videos that showcase and demonstrate her technique.

The 10 best YouTube art channels

Her results may look intimidating, but she explains the process that gets her there in a clear and straightforward manner. If you're interested in making realistic pencil art, or just curious about how she does it, then this is one YouTube art channel that's definitely worth checking out.Awesome ideas!

So Cheers now! Superb list of challenges. I love the way you categorize the list, very helpful.

7 Of The Best Oil Painting Demonstration Videos On Youtube

Do check me blog too for art and fun challenges. These are all great ideas! I also love how they were all categorized as well! I'm currently trying to revive my art YouTube channel after a long period of being inactive, so I need a lot of video ideas.

Thanks again! I'm excited to try some of these. I really appreciate this website! SO many things to do and try especially with this crazyness! Thank you soooo much. Post a Comment. September 04, Wayne Tully October 30, at PM. Katri October 30, at PM. TrendyChallenge October 8, at PM. Unknown December 7, at AM. Anonymous January 3, at PM. Katri January 28, at PM. Unknown February 24, at AM. Katri March 10, at PM.

NoaLifestyle March 9, at PM. Unknown July 10, at PM. Unknown February 24, at PM. Unknown April 11, at AM.YouTube is changing how it manages music channels and videos. The platform is set to introduce Official Artist Channels, which will merge multiple artist accounts including Vevo into one main channel. Official Artist Channels will be divided into two sections:. YouTube will organise your discography into an album section and all your official music videos into a new playlist.

YouTube has a minimum threshold of 1, subscribers before royalties can be paid. Here's how to get your music videos on Vevo. Official Artists Channels are not yet available to everyone, but are being rolled out steadily. You may notice some major artists have already been assigned one. YouTube will notify you when your channel has been accepted.

How To Build A Fanbase From Scratch - 1,000 Fans In 90 Days

Make sure to use your artist name as your channel name, with proper capitalisation and spacing to improve your chances of coming up in YouTube searches. Official Artists Channels will bring together all of your content on one dedicated channel, whether that's music videos, lyrics videos, cover songs, live shows or anything else. Official Artist Channels will help you to be more discoverable in search.

When your fans search for you on YouTube, they'll be linked directly to your Official Artist Channel from your watch card on the right side of the screen.

Let us know in the comments below. Official Artist Channels will be divided into two sections: - Album Section - Official Music Videos YouTube will organise your discography into an album section and all your official music videos into a new playlist. How to set up your Official Artist Channel Official Artists Channels are not yet available to everyone, but are being rolled out steadily.

Search discoverability Official Artist Channels will help you to be more discoverable in search.Use templates, high-res images, and graphics to make professional looking YouTube channel art even if you aren't a designer.

That's because most alternatives come with major shortcomings.

youtube for artists

First you need to figure out the proper image dimensions that account for TV, tablet and mobile viewing areas. Then you need to spend hours learning the software and navigating through a maze of features you'll never use.

You need to wait for your request to reach the top of their to-do list, and that's if you can even afford a designer. When they send you the finished design, it's pretty, but not exactly what you envisioned. Plus, the best photos and graphics in their libraries, the ones you would actually want people to see, cost extra. Choose from a bunch of easily customizable YouTube channel art templates to save time and look like a pro.

Or, start from scratch to unleash your inner creative. Then add, subtract, and modify text, graphics, and shapes until your graphic is exactly what you envisioned. Download your new channel art and upload it to YouTube. It will fit perfectly and customers will think you hired a professional graphic designer.

YouTube channel art dimensions are available as a preset. A single click creates a canvas suited for YouTube channel art design; including mobile, tablet and TV safe zones. You can find the perfect background image for your banner without searching through dozens of stock photo sites, worrying about image rights, and paying extra for the best images. It's all inside of Snappa, and it's free.

YouTube Banner Maker

Of course, you can also upload your own images. With Snappa, you have access to professionally designed YouTube channel art templates. Now you can be confident that your visual elements are well-proportioned, that your text elements are balanced, and that your colors complement one another. And you can customize everything about a template to make it match your vision and brand. Edit the size, color, orientation, opacity and more for overvector graphics and shapes. No graphic design skills required.

Choose from over fonts and typefaces.

The text in your graphic changes as you scroll through each font so you can easily preview changes. You can also import your own custom fonts! Change the color of graphics, shapes, text, and overlays with a single click or by entering a hex code. This makes it incredibly easy to create on-brand YouTube channel art. Use a simple slider to create a color overlay, to darken and blur your YouTube channel art, and to change your image's saturation, hue, brightness, and contrast.

Play with each effect and see your changes in real time. Snappa is designed to run smoothly in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We have cut features ignored by non-designers to make Snappa as fast as possible. Now you can complete your designs quickly without sacrificing quality. We have eliminated the learning curve you have come to expect from graphic design tools. You can create your first attention grabbing banner and upload it to YouTube within minutes of signing up.

Courses, lengthy tutorials, searching through help documents, and talking to support are not required to use Snappa like a pro free help is available if you need it, though. Snappa is made for the YouTuber who needs to create professional looking graphics and then get back to their real work. Everything is included in Snappa. Get access to our entire library of royalty-free photos and graphics at no added cost. You can use Snappa for as long as you like without paying a dime.

You have access to thousands of photos and graphics, professionally designed templates for YouTube and all other major social media platforms, and 3 and downloads per month.Create your own YouTube channel art now. Explore our wide variety of best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts.

Easily tweak them with the text, photos, and icons that best fit your needs. No design skills necessary. Learn more Video-sharing platform YouTube is an excellent way for businesses and individuals to grow their following and share content with the world. Master this powerful YouTube Channel Art creator in minutes Spark's free templates allow you to create your own design.

Edit this template. How to make YouTube channel art Consider how your channel looks on desktop and mobile When creating a YouTube banner, make sure that you create something that will look good on a wide variety of devices that viewers use: smartphones, tablets, PCs and more. YouTube recommends that the dimensions of channel art be x pixels for the best results on all devices. Incorporate your logo into your YouTube banner to help distinguish your brand, but also consider adding a photo related to your industry or content, or creating an illustration that reveals a little bit about what you do.

A photo can help give a human face to your page and also helps make your channel immediately recognizable to a visitor. Keep any important icon, logo, or name near the center of the banner. Otherwise, your YouTube user icon or your social sharing buttons that YouTube inserts over the sides of your channel art could ultimately end up obscuring part of your banner. Forgetting this could hinder branding and marketing efforts. If you star in your YouTube videos, consider adding a photo of yourself into your channel art.

While not necessary, a photo can help make your page more personable and approachable, giving a human face to your page. It also helps make your channel immediately recognizable to a visitor. When designing your YouTube banner, use the same colors you use in your branding materials.

youtube for artists

That will help keep your brand consistent across all channels. Why use Adobe Spark Post? When you design with Spark Post, you can ensure your results that will look professional -- and that your banner will look stunning, no matter what device a user is viewing it on. Spark Post also makes creating YouTube banners straightforward and simple, which means it won't take up too much of your creative time and energy -- even if you're not intuitively technical.

Finally, Spark is a free resource, so you can spend your money on promoting your brand, not creating channel art. If you're a YouTuber who loves producing videos but aren't sure how to get started making a professional banner, check out a YouTube channel art maker like Adobe Spark Post.

You can create an eye-catching banner with only a little time and effort, so you can focus on what you like doing most: making awesome video content. Spark features Beautiful typography Choose from a variety of free professionally designed fonts for every occasion. Professional themes Explore our wide variety of best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts. Make a design. What can Spark help you make?The platform has been built. Millions of creators are using it.

Now YouTube is taking steps to make sure creators keep using it. YouTube For Artists is a music-focused version of its YouTube Creator Huba destination for resources and best practices for YouTube creators which Lewit says gets over one million viewers each month.

It's also an extension of the workshops, such as YouTube Music Nashvillethat teach creators how to maximize their presence on the platform. There is a strategic element here. So many digital services provide tools and helpful information that these things have become a basic cost of doing business. Spotify For Artists is a collection of tools, best practices and explanation of the service. Pandora launched a set of data and visualization tools called AMP in October. Bandsintown debuted a suite of analytical tools in February.

Bandcamp provides artists with real-time statistics. The list goes on. YouTube already goes to great lengths to engage creators. The company has also hosted a series of creators workshops, such as YouTube Music Nashville in partnership with the Country Music Association, that teach creators some basics in production and programming.

YouTube For Artists will be available globally but initially will be offered only in English. There will be tips on fan funding -- effectively an online tip jar on a subscriber's YouTube page -- and info cards, the interactive annotations that can be placed on videos. It will also have information on free production resources at the various YouTube Space locations around the world.

Perhaps the most applicable tool will arrive after launch.

Introduction to Official Artist Channels

In the coming weeks or months, YouTube will debut an analytical tool that will provide viewer information on a city level, with data going back to fall of This should help artists route tours or which time zone to release an upcoming video. The Biz premium subscriber content has moved to Billboard.

To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement. Don't show again.YouTube is nothing new, but it has impacted our generation so much that even some of the biggest stars owe their careers to it. You really never know who could end up watching your video. Tori Kelly and James Bay are proof positive. The artists both made it big on YouTubeand were paired up for a special duet at the Grammys this year. These artists may be super talented, but not too long ago, they were just like anyone else fighting to make their dreams come true.

This led to the bromance that changed their lives: a tour with One Direction sigh, back when there were still five members of the group. Louis even backed them up with a simple but sweet tweet. Apparently so did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Carly released the song on September in Canada. A few months later Justin found it, made a lip syncing video, and tweeted it out to his fans. Solid proof that all it takes is one amazing video to help launch a career. Instead she did her own thing, and in true YouTube fashion, began making music right in her bedroom.

Her viral videos eventually reached none other than Scooter Braun. Can you believe there was a time when Shawn was entering cover contests?!

Before getting signed, he was your average musician playing gigs 5 to 6 nights a week. This raw passion is definitely what got him to where he is today. It led to the opportunity for her to record demos, so her entire senior year was entirely focused on her music. The way she lights her official music videos are still reminiscent of how she staged it nearly 4 years ago. Undoubtedly the most famous YouTube star of all time, even Justin had to start somewhere.

Taking on Adele is no easy feat! Prior to releasing Nine Track Mindthe singer-songwriter was your typical college kid He studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, which naturally put him in tip top shape for YouTube video making.

youtube for artists

He totally earned it. All Ed did was try to be the most relatable musician ever. Both his backyard and bedroom covers are an inspiration to all aspiring artists. Shawn Mendes. Justin Bieber.

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